Our innovative app can help people create beautiful connections. Designed for those of us with little to no singing experience, it features an intuitive visual language of music and vocal guides based on timeless songs.

  • Sing along to our vocal guides or with your family and friends.
  • Quickly learn to match others and feel what they felt while singing.
  • Experience togetherness without having to be in the same place at the same time!

We are now testing the Singayah app with select individuals before releasing it to the public.
Please email us to request a personal invite!


  • Research and create solo a cappella covers of timeless songs.
  • Attractive profile: creative, playful, happy to sing alone, grew up singing, minimal formal music education.


  • Produce exceptionally precise song scores using a proprietary workflow.
  • Attractive profile: tends to pay attention to details, solid knowledge of music theory, experience with digital audio workstations.


  • Scope: about one day per week with flexible timing and possible expansion next year.
  • Compensation: cash and equity.
  • Location: anywhere, USA.


Email us two paragraphs describing your motivation and qualifications along with a one-page resume.