Personal Song Greetings

Make the occasion special
with a song from your heart


The Singayah app enables you to quickly record and share song greetings that are appealing even if you're not a singer. It includes songs with vocal guides for different occasions, such as Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. It also features an intuitive visual language of music that helps you sing the right thing at the right time. Or you can just add a spoken message to the singing guide. Either way, you can send your personal song greetings as web links to anyone you like.



  • Expected contribution: create and record solo a cappella covers of timeless songs.
  • Attractive profile: creative, playful, happy to sing alone, grew up singing, minimal formal music education.


  • Ideal character: open-minded, self-driven, team-friendly.
  • Ideal experience: software startups, music information retrieval, vocal source separation.


  • Scope: about one day per week with flexible timing and possible expansion next year.
  • Compensation: cash and equity.
  • Location: anywhere, USA.


Email us two paragraphs about your motivation and qualifications along with a one-page resume.