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Our mission is to help people create joyful interactions whenever they wish. We are developing a sing-along app powered by several innovations, including a theme-driven catalog of vocal guides and an intuitive visual language of music that facilitates predictive singing. We are looking for singers and scorers to join our team and expand our song catalog.


  • Create or mirror a cappella covers of public domain songs.
  • Attractive profile: a creative and playful introvert who grew up singing and has minimal formal music education.


  • Produce exceptionally precise song scores using a proprietary workflow.
  • Attractive profile: deeper knowledge of music theory, experience with digital audio workstations, and a more editorial personality.


  • Scope: about one day per week with flexible timing and possible expansion next year.
  • Compensation: cash and equity.
  • Location: anywhere, USA.


Email us two paragraphs describing your motivation and qualifications along with a one-page resume.